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al·pha (α)/ˈalfə/
1.The most dominant, powerful, or assertive one in a group.
2.A term used in investing to describe an investment strategy’s ability to beat the market, or its ‘edge.’

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Buyer: Get Alpha and narrow your search to find the best listings within a collection.

Seller: You have a high valued NFT and want to sell it but what should you list it for? Get Alpha to make sure you don’t leave money on the table.

Trader: You’re looking for NFTs that you can buy and re-list for a profit. Get Alpha to find undervalued listings and profitable flips.

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Our rarity rankings come from a custom algorithm that typically aligns closely with other prominent sources of rarity data.

Our algorithm gives items credit for the rarity of the traits they have, weighted by the overall variation in those traits across the collection.

On the occasions when our calculation disagrees with other sources, the discrepancy is usually because others assign points for an item not having a trait. We like our version.

We currently only support OpenSea. However, we plan on expanding our data to multiple marketplaces as well as multiple blockchains.

You can submit a request for your project to be listed. Get Alpha curates projects with established communities and will add more projects based on demand.

  • KilroyFounder

    Kilroy is an NFT connoisseur, founding member of Ready Player DAO, and creator within the metaverse.

  • BigSlowFounder + Data Engineer

    Graduated from MIT in 2018 and is a full-time data scientist turned engineer.

  • Plaid ShamanFounder + UI/UX/Dev

    Coolman #8078

    Design/Dev studio based in Austin, TX. Producing innovative, digital experiences for Web3 creators.